Welcome to my pages!

To the pages of a dwarf rabbit called Nuficek [njufi:tʃek] which will lead you through my life as a domestic rabbit and a pet of two masters from Pardubice.

If you wish to learn more about me, have a look at the About Me page where you will find all the information about the dwarf rabbit Nuficek. Where my beloved masters found me, what I like and what, on the other hand, I don’t like, whether I am more of a couch potato or whether I like to goof around and also where I live. Sometimes I am a dwarf rabbit and a model in one and I pose in front of camera lenses and video cameras – you can see the results of that on the Photo and Video page.

I mustn’t forget my beloved masters who have been taking loving care of me since the autumn 2011 when they took me to their home. They are always pampering me with treats, stroking me and playing with me and I am very grateful to them for that. You can read on the My fanciers page who my masters are.

As a satisfied domestic dwarf rabbit, I will be glad to share with you my experience concerning various types of nutrition and treats. Over the last years during which I have run around our home in Pardubice I have got my favorite brands and I will be glad to introduce them to you. If you have some troubles and you are not as satisfied pets as I am, send me a message to Nuficek’s FAQ and we will look at the problem together.