You are surely looking forward to bringing your rabbit up and showing him his new home. Such a major event requires sufficient preparation in advance! A ragged rabbit must feel comfortable in his new home to be happy.


What do you need?

Before you get used to a new friend, it’s good to get a cage or a cage to get easier access. The rabbit may be a bit afraid and hide in the new environment anywhere.

First, think well about where to put that cage or high enough enclosure. This is where the rabbit spends most of the time, so carefully choose the litter.

Even the bunnies have to sleep in something, so do not forget to buy a spacious enough house. I certainly do not recommend feeding just to the ground. Suitable meat dishes and also hay rashes, to which a home rabbit is used to walking. Of course, they are drinking. You do not want to let the dwarf rabbit suffer from thirst.

Do you already have all these breeding needs prepared? Have you forgotten how to consider how and where to transport your rabbit to the vet?

Will not the dwarf bunny be bored at home? Do you have any suitable toys for it?

Preparing for a rabbit’s housing is not just so. To help you as much as possible, you’ll find a list of the most important breeding needs for your best rabbit’s dwelling.

The items contain recommendations on how to choose the right breeding needs for your dwarf rabbit.

Cage equipment:

  • cages
  • houses, cottages
  • toilets
  • beddingdishes for food
  • Hedgehogs
  • drinking (bowl or drinker, I prefer bowls)
  • toys
  • leash, harness
  • crates, boxes
  • tunnels, pipes