Bowls for dwarf rabbits

Before choosing a food tray for your pet rabbit, it is good to think about what and how your rabbit will eat. Frankly, the bunnies devote much time to eating. In nature, they spend hours and hours searching for the most delicious plants and testing what they might still enjoy.

So the way you feed your dwarf rabbit can have a big impact on the quality of his life. By choosing a meal that will support your natural need for graze will help to make your little dog good on his body and spirit.


Bowls for rabbits

Mistake is one of the first things you should put your little dog in his cage. Today you can choose from a large number of species. From plastic or ceramic bowls to food, over metal or glass, of different shapes and sizes. There are more food dishes on the market for dwarf rabbits with a variety of patterns. You can find bowls with rabbit images, or names, or paw prints and many more.


Bowl size

Another important topic is the size and depth of the dish. It depends on what you will feed the rabbit. Whether you just feed it dry or do you want to give it some vegetables? Of course it depends on the size of your rabbit. A dwarf rabbit does not eat much less than his larger relatives.


How can I choose a meal tray?

If you have a multi-storey rabbit cage and a place to eat is just upstairs, it’s a good idea to get a clip that can be attached to the side of the cage. If you used a ceramic, the rabbit could misplaced it and the shit would break. Then you will not only have to buy new, but especially sharp shards can injure the rabbit.

However, a heavy earthenware or ceramic bowl is really great. But it must be placed down at the bottom of the cage. Well, she keeps her drink too. Moreover, if it is not near the hay, the water remains clean.

The light bowl will soon turn the rabbit and feed it out.