Cages for rabbits

The place where your pet will spend most of your time will probably be his cage. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of suitable cages. Often it is just the most expensive item on the rabbit household equipment list. Never place the rabbit in a glass aquarium. They are usually not large enough and do not provide enough air circulation.

Although it is a cage for a dwarf rabbit, it does not mean that even the size of the cage will be small.

Any domestic rabbit needs sufficient movement. Although he should have a free range, however, permanently hop for the room or the whole apartment will certainly not.


How big should you choose for a dwarf rabbit?

For all breeders of domestic rabbits I recommend a minimum of 120 cm cage. Alternatively, a 100-centimeter rabbit cage would still be appealing. Simply put, the bigger the better.
Do not forget that a lot of necessities such as a house, a hay rake, some toys, a drink, a toilet and, of course, a rabbit itself must come in the cage.

I do not think it’s reasonable to get a cage without a floor. You’d have to figure out what to put on the bottom under the litter. In addition, just one rabbit over and over on the cage and you can bet that the pieces of bedding are far away from the cage.

By the way, it is advisable to buy a cage with a door that you open when you want to let the rabbit run around the room. Rabbit himself goes out. He is curious what’s going on out there! And when he wants to, he goes back to the cage.


A suitable place for a cage?

Finding the right space for your home dwarf rabbit can definitely be a challenge.
The rabbit cage should be placed in a quiet place. Do not put it in draft or in direct sunlight. Even heating is not appropriate if you are very hot.
If you have other pets, think about how to limit their access to rabbit housing.