Crab house for rabbits

In nature, rabbits have a natural desire to protect themselves from predators. They live in underground clouds. Their tunnel system has many entrances, allowing them to quickly hide when necessary. The domestic dwarfed rabbit has the same needs as his wild relative – to have his safe hide somewhere.

But I play the rabbit at home, where nothing is threatened.

In order for your bunny to be happy and satisfied, it is essential to emulate as much as possible his natural environment. A domestic rabbit will feel good if it has a house, even if it does not need to be hidden so often.

The possibility to hide where it is well known is important for a domestic rabbit. It will help him feel safe. Place the rabbit house in the cage where it lives and give it a place where it can escape when it gets scared.


Rolls in a cage for home-made dwarf rabbits choose the size. It does not have to be extra big, but the rabbit needs to get inside the house. The entrance should not be too narrow, otherwise the rabbit can hardly get in and out.

The house is not just a shelter, it also provides plenty of entertainment options. It’s a great place to hop and a little bit to taste. So choose from durable materials. Great wooden houses for home rabbits.


Portable cooker

If your pet rabbit can move freely around the apartment or house, or if you take it with you to a room other than his cage, consider buying a portable house. You can always put it in the corner of the room to be available to the rabbit when it needs it.