Crèche for dwarf rabbits

Hay is the most important part of rabbit diet. It really is an absolute foundation! The rabbit should always have enough hay.

It is nowhere written that hay must be in the hawks. However, it is worth mentioning that the horseradish is a very convenient solution. The cages are hung on the cage and the hay does not fire on the floor where it can come in contact with urine and rabbit. Such a hay will no longer eat the rabbit and the hay can start to smell. In addition, in rabbits, the rabbit does not drown!


Another indisputable advantage of the crèche for dwarf rabbits is that it eliminates hay disorder. Some of the bunnies are fresh from the hay with enthusiasm. They snap straight and spread the hay everywhere!

When choosing a hay hen, you need to consider how many hay to fit. your rabbit, though dwarfed, is able to eat an incredible amount of hay! If you have more rabbits, you need to increase the number of crèches, or hay, of course.

Whether you choose any hay hen, keep in mind that the bunnies are inquisitive creatures and like to climb the crèches. You have to explore and find out where it’s getting great hay! It is important to ensure the safety of the rabbit. Make sure that the rabbit’s head or paw can not get stuck in the crèches.

There is a large number of hams for dwarf rabbits on the market. Choose what you will be comfortable to attach to a rabbit cage. It is also worth considering how you make the hamster a hay. Whether from the side or from the top. Simply select such a hay crutch, which is an adequate cage, a rabbit and, of course, is easy to fill.