Toilets for rabbits

Naturally, the bunnies choose one or a few places, usually in the corner where they go to the toilet.

You can also teach a rabbit to go to meet the need only at the designated place. Older rabbits train in this case easier than younger, as their attention and ability to learn grow as they grow up.

However, having a toilet in the cage is convenient for both you and the rabbit itself. You will not only keep his dwelling, but also your dwarf rabbit clean.

At the place where you go to the bathroom most often place a special toilet bowl. I recommend a toilet with a grate because it is better maintained. There is no need to put any litter in it, just pour water under the grate and bring the contents once a day to the toilet.

In any case, the toilet for dwarf rabbits is often to be cleaned. If your home rabbit‘s toilet is much withered and busy, it will definitely not want to use it and will search for other clean places. This will definitely not help you during the subsequent cleaning.

Once the rabbit reaches the “puberty age“, it starts to activate its hormones and begins to naturally mark its territory. It means that it is lightly barking the bobs and barking where it feels it is. That’s how it goes all over the cage. Keep it calm. It is important for him to mark the cage as his property. Then, when the cage leaves and goes to explore the big world of your whole house, it will not sneak up the buzz on your floor so much as it will recognize your (strange) home from yours.

For rabbits who already know well the space outside their cage, I recommend to buy at least one external toilet, which they will use when away from their cage.

You have a choice of X variants, I personally prefer and I recommend toilets with a grate. It has the advantages that the rabbit does not sit in a wet litter bed (the toes like in the toilet and sleep and then the fur from the toilets without grill is dirty), it does not have to dig up the litter and it is very easy to clean. It does not need litter, just pour water under the grate and pour it once a day into the toilet.

Toilet with grate for home dwarf rabbits.