Toys for dwarf rabbits

Sometimes it can happen that dwarf rabbits are the most neglected pet in the house. They are not noisy, they can not bark or scream to get your attention and are often locked in a cage where you do not have to notice them until there is no time to feed them. But just because the bunnies are quiet, does not mean they are not intelligent and playful creatures. In fact, home-made bunnies are very smart!

Keep in mind that if the mind of your pet rabbit is not sufficiently stimulated, you may experience unpleasant health complications. Without any interesting activity, the rabbit will be bored. Especially if he is often at home alone. This feeling of isolation can lead to depression and destructive behavior. Rabbits at all ages need to live in an environment where they still have something to do. They just do not want to eat and sleep.


A home rabbit needs an activity that keeps it fit in both the physical and mental aspects. They have to climb differently, bark, rake, hopkat everywhere and bite different materials. If you do not make enough of your little rabbit, it may happen that at the first occasion somebody escapes, breaks something, or scratches the furniture. And you definitely do not want to.

Here comes the toy line. Rabbits need toys more than dogs and cats. Pay attention to the toy the rabbit likes to do. Probably no toy is absolutely safe, so watch out for something to happen to him. Choose toys made from harmless materials that will not hurt the rabbit especially if it is biting and spoiled by mistake.

In any case, it is important to buy rabbit toys that will satisfy his naturally witty needs.

Of course no toy can replace contact with a human friend. Do not forget about your rabbit and often take care of it!