My owners

My owners are my family and I swear by them. I would hop through fire for them, I would sacrifice all my favorite treats and I would even stop chewing carpets. In short, I will do anything to make my masters like me at least as much as I like them.

My master is called Michal and he lives with his girlfriend Edit. And I live together with them, I, small Nuficek. Their pet, sweetie and a naughty thing, all in one. I am definitely not their first pet, rather the opposite. They told me they had already kept a whole zoo at home – they started with a cat, then they got hamsters and guinea pigs, turtles and fish. But still it somehow wasn’t right, so they decided for a rabbit in the end. For a dwarf rabbit. For me, for Nuficek. And so here I am and we have been living together since 2011.

Editka or Edit, how my master calls her sometimes, is interested in entomology, she enjoys collecting and looking after beetles. Maybe because she is closer to my animal world, she pets me a bit more than my master Michal. But only a bit more! They both like me a lot, which they show by taking perfect care of me. I always have my favorite food in the bowl prepared by them, and fresh water, nicely-smelling hay or a treat aren’t missing either. Right at the moment when they think something is wrong with me, that an illness might be coming, they don’t waste their time and take me immediately to the vet for a check. They are taking care of me so I would be satisfied, healthy, and I would feel good in their home. And I am so grateful to them for that…

When both of my masters arrive home from work, they never forget to say hello to me and to scratch my ears. And I am looking forward to that and to seeing them so much all day long! Having such loving masters, as I have, is the most beautiful thing that could have ever happened to me. Thanks to them, I am the happiest dwarf rabbit – Holland Lop at least all over Pardubice!