Nuficek’s menu

To find out what such a sweet-toothed bunny likes to eat the most wasn’t easy. I am quite picky and it took long before I together with my masters figured out what is the best food to put into my bowls. To save you from such time-consuming thinking, I have prepared a list of specific food products which I highly recommend.

What I must have in my bowl almost every day are pellets Cunipic AlphaPro Adult Rabbits. Every pellet contains all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for health of a rabbit without any fluctuations in nutrient intake. Food high in fiber (26%), without any color additives and sugar. I enjoy eating products by Beaphar Nature Rabbit Adult just as much. I enjoy every pellet, every mouthful; there has never been a single crumb left in the bowl.

Versele Laga Crispy – specially shaped pellets without any grain are rich in fiber and herbs and they contribute to good digestion and healthy teeth. After all, I am a rabbit, my ancestors used to run across meadows and slopes, so from time to time I also like to eat hay. Not any hay, but meadow hay – high in fiber, minerals, and trace elements.

Because I am a nice rabbit and my masters like me very much, they pamper me with various treats. I like root vegetables and fruit (fresh and dry). Yummy, I am only writing about it and my mouth is watering! Herbs, dandelions (fresh and dry), twigs from a forest, etc. are delicious as well. What I like the most, however, are carrots from our vegetable garden. I would easily eat ten carrots and still feel like eating more of them.