Nuficek’s wooden dwelling

Good morning/afternoon, come inside and welcome to Nuficek’s house. At first sight, it might seem not very big inside, but for one dwarf rabbit it is the perfect size. I have here everything I need for comfortable living. It is something like my own little kingdom where I can do anything, even relax all day or play. And what does it look like inside?

My home is a cage. It is a typical rabbit cage in which I sleep, eat, rest and play. And I also have my own toilet, of course. As a pet rabbit I am very clean, so I gladly go to the toilet and I would never think of pooping somewhere else. My masters are truly happy about it and sometimes they reward me with a treat.

My little house wouldn’t be complete without my beloved water bowl, in which there is always fresh water, and without my bowl of pellets. My masters always put the best food in it and that’s why I am such a happy pet rabbit and my tummy never aches. To be able to chew the food, I have to take care of my teeth. That’s the reason why my masters added a stone to my house for wearing down my teeth and thanks to the stone my teeth never get too long. I can wear down my teeth a bit using a hanging chew stick which I enjoy so much I can easily spend half a day chewing it.

Apart from pellets and various treats from my masters, I also get nicely-smelling meadow hay. Neither they and nor I want hay all around my house, so my masters bought me a special hay rack. They stuff hay into it and I take only what I feel like eating.

What I definitely would not manage to live without are my plushy friends. I love playing with them and I pet them and sometimes I even take them out of my house to show them my masters’ apartment. In the apartment, I am often allowed to run as much as I like and enjoy the large space for playing. But I am the happiest when I return to my house in the evening and I fall asleep there among my favorite plushy toys.