Rabbit age

Everyone wants his pet to live as long as possible. Unfortunately, eternal life is not meant for anyone. How long a rabbit will do to a company depends on many factors.


Domestic bunnies usually live between 8 and 12 years. Of course, there are many species of rabbits, and it is quite difficult to determine whether a species lives longer than another. It can be said that the larger bunnies live shorter time than their dwarf relatives. However, remember that the exception confirms the rule.


Guinness World Record Rabbit DO v USAAccording to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest domestic dwarfed rabbit survived 17 years. He was named Do and lived in the US. In Bohemia, the oldest known rabbit is Cenda of Pardubice. Unfortunately, he died in December 2015 at the age of 14. If you take good care of your pet rabbit, your good luck can be sucked into the oldest dwarf rabbit in the world.

Thanks to quality feed and veterinary care, the age of domestic rabbits has been extended for a long time. Compared to rabbits living wild in nature, where they suffer from diseases and, of course, predators, home-made bunnies enjoy a respectable age.

The length of the rabbits depends, in particular, on how you care for them.


Here are some tips:


The basis of the diet must be hay and then free-flowing granules. Grain is not recommended for rabbits! It contains a lot of gluten, starch and little fiber, which causes them bloating and digestive troubles. Rabbits just need a fiber-rich diet, so do not forget about vegetables (especially root and leaf) for your ear.

Veterinary care

Another important factor for a long and healthy rabbit life is quality veterinary care. Veterinarians know a lot about rabbits, do not be afraid to take your pet as soon as you get it. Take any unpleasant troubles. Preventive searches should be self-evident. Take a rabbit to the vet when it comes to a disease, it may be the last thing you will experience.

The older the rabbit, the more often you should go with him for the checks.

For a good and long life, the rabbits need adequate housing. Find out more in the rabbit housing section.