Rabbit Breeds

The English Lop – he has even longer ears than I do and is overall larger, but our body structure is more or less the same. Sometimes I wonder how he manages not to step on those ears… But at least he hears really anything happening anywhere.

Nevertheless, there are many of us Lops. Apart from my breed, the Holland Lop, and the English Lop, you can find among my friends the French Lop who is a bit rounder than I am and also has longer ears. The Meissen Lop is not so large, but has again longer ears. The most similar one to me is Mini Lop and that is concerning size and also the length of ears – which he has a bit larger than I do. Though it may seem to you that I have the smallest ears of all the Lops, you should remember people say: Small is beautiful.

Among my friends, there are many Czech breeds of pet rabbits. I really like typical Czech Spotted Rabbits, black-and-white pet rabbits, and I know that they are incredibly popular with Czech breeders. The English Spotted Rabbit is very similar to them and also has smaller spots all over him. The Czech Black Guard Haired Rabbit also belongs to my favorite Czech rabbit breeds, he has interesting grey fur, and I can’t forget so called “lustic” with a touch of blue and grey whose name would be translated to English as a “puzzle-solving rabbit”. I don’t know whether this distant relative of mine lives up to his name and solves puzzle in his free time, but I am definitely curious about it.

There are really many of us pet rabbits and it is difficult to tell all the breeds apart. I have prepared for you this overview of basic breeds including photos so you could see the differences between us.